What a day this has been...!

By anne
January 14, 2008 - 17:27.

And yes, what a rare mood I’m in after a day that included art, antiques, ambrosial food, and best of all, girlfriends who joined me in the admiration of it all!

This was my Saturday (arts lovers, prepare to turn green…and, by the way, where were you???):

11 a.m. visit to Thomas Barry Fine Arts in the Warehouse District for the closing day of Lynn Geesaman’s show. I am absolutely transported every time I see her black-and-white and color photography of natural settings—primarily formal gardens in Europe, but some wonderful shots from the Louisiana bayous. My friend Robin scored the last known copy of Lynn’s rare color book and is getting it signed!

12 noon-ish, stopped in at cozy Corner Coffee next door to the gallery for a jolt to get us through to lunch.

Coffee in hand, next came a stroll through Indigo, a gallery of African, Indian and Middle Eastern artifacts located just above TBFA. There, Robin (shopper extraordinaire) found a great Chinese screen and a set of metal vases. I hope she realizes that I am now living vicariously through her. Like, in her house.

1:00 p.m. lunch at Be’wiched, the best sandwich shop in the entire Twin Cities. Star Tribune sports columnist Pat Reusse and I chatted it up as he waited for his wife’s takeout order (good girl…no cooking for the man on a Saturday…send him out hunting instead). If you haven’t tried the tuna…or, wait, the roast beef…or, no, get the egg salad! Well anyway, if you haven’t been to Be’wiched, you’re missing out. It doesn’t matter what you order. It’s all good. Try the soups and salads, too.

3:00 p.m. stop by the studio of Aldo Moroni in Northeast Minneapolis for a critique of his work by fans and patrons who have followed the four-year evolution of his Babylon Project. Here’s what happens at a critique: the artist listens as non-artists speak their minds, for better or for worse, about his work. That takes guts and no small measure of humility, not to mention patience with people who don’t know a kiln from a Killian’s. (Well, okay, we get which one to grab when we’re thirsty.) Of course, after getting to know the work in this newly intimate way, I couldn’t keep my wallet in my purse, and now have two new sculptures in my collection!

5:00 p.m. errands, then home for a lovely siesta and to make my moves in three simultaneous Scrabulous matches. (Find me on Facebook and invite me to play!)

8:00 p.m. dinner with more fabulous friends at Pepitos. Barely able to think about food after pigging out at Be’wiched, I managed to sample my friends’ enchiladas and a chile relleno, washed down with a couple of Don Julio margaritas.

10:30 p.m. came in late to the poetry slam at Parkway Theater next door. I’ve learned to appreciate performance poetry, aka spoken word, thanks to my friend Matt who introduced me to the genre. It’s amazing, the wisdom and humor (and shock-value trash) emanating from the mouths of babes. (I am referring to their age from my perspective, not to their looks, although I don’t mean to criticize. These are actors and poets, after all, not fashion models.) A two-girl band called The Dale Hush Hush performed between poetry sets and were delightful. Colleen Kruse presided and gave out awards on behalf of restaurant/theater owner/overall sweetie Joe Minjares.

1:15 a.m. considered squeezing in a song at Nye’s, then realized that was stupid since we wouldn’t even get there until Lou Snyder was playing her penultimate tune for the night. So we went home.

Pictures and poetry, coffee, conversation, and new stuff…what a wonderful day this has been!

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