A New Year's Cultural Resolution

By anne
January 11, 2008 - 13:01.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, I hope you’ll add something like: “Lead a more artsful and cultureful life in ‘08.”

That is, crawl around to more art galleries and museums, squish your post-holiday butt into more theater seats, don a beret for more films produced here vs. in (nothin’ against ‘em, but) Hollywood, tap your feet to more live music and dance, open your mind to attending a cultural event where some other language is spoken, and—best of all—buy someone’s artwork or CD or season ticket. Take a look at last year’s life and, for 2008, add just one random act of artness.

At the very least, click here to find out how pathetic you are if you don’t immerse yourself in the arts once in a while.

Art matters. Culture matters. If you are reading this blog, I’m probably preaching to the choir. And if you think your life is enhanced when you participate in artistic endeavors, think about how it affects the creator of the piece, or the organizer of the event you are enjoying. They LIVE for your presence, your comments, and your purchases! YOU matter to poets and playwrights and painters as much as the act of creativity matters!

To wit, a note from a sculptor whose home I visited with two friends:

Anne, you are utterly awesome! I am so thrilled you came and brought your two guests. What lovely women you all are!

BIG Thank You for taking the photos of my bronze studio party day! I am thrilled with several of the photos, and also am intrigued with the angles you shot from. I am adding these to the bronze photo album I have been meaning to create!

Here’s to YOU, Woman of LIFE!!!

Wouldn’t you love to get notes like that? I get them all the time, not because I’m really all THAT lovely or awesome, but because artists want/need/LOVE to know that they’re appreciated. Show them you care! Make your (Arts &) Cultural Resolution for the new year, and pass it on!

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