I'm turning Japanese, I really think so....

By anne
November 3, 2007 - 00:02.

According to Sushi & Sake magazine, sake is considered a type of beer under Federal law and a wine under California State law. The magazine says the divisiveness happened during Prohibition, but I’m betting that Californians call everything wine just like Southerners call everything Coke. (If a server in Atlanta should ask what kind of Coke you want, a perfectly good answer would be “root beer.”)

Regardless, on November 29 at Spill the Wine, you can have your wine and call it sake, too.

The VaporsTurning Japanese

Spill the Wine has been offering wine dinners for more than a year. I’ve gone to just one of them and am hankering for more, especially now that the lovely upstairs banquet room is open. The Nov. 29 Sake Dinner presented by VinoSource ($69/person including tax and tip) is on my list.

Five courses including mango crab salad, ribeye carpacio, and tuna tataki promise to wake up a palate that’s been lulled into slumber by L-tryptophan-laden Thanksgiving fare. But it’s the sake selection I’m going for—and not because I know a grain of rice about sake. It’s because I’m entranced by the labels.

Imagine your favorite fantasy lover whispering these words as you slide into a soaking tub and sip from the same lotus-blossom cup: wandering poetroot of innocencehawk in the heavensliving jewelsnow maiden. Not that I would snub a soaker willing to share his Chateau Mouton Rothschild, especially if he gazed into my eyes and murmured, “1982.” But the sake sounds dreamier.

Spill the Wine is offering a Spanish wine dinner ($59) on Nov. 15, a seafood wine dinner ($69) on Dec. 5, and a Thanksgiving dinner to go (serves 8, $89 + tax) for pickup on Nov. 21. For more information and reservations, click here.

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