Shaking hands with King Kong

By anne
December 27, 2005 - 12:55.

Okay, so it’s midnight on Tuesday, December 27, and I’m climbing the walls (which isn’t hard, since I live in a split-level home in suburbia, the ceilings of which are not that high) and I don’t know for sure if I am starting a new show in two weeks.

New Year’s Eve is a Saturday night (how perfect is THAT?) and then on January 7th I’m supposedly behind a mic at Clear Channel studios in St. Louis Park, funnin’ up your Saturday happy hour with chat about “what’s there to do around here?” Supposedly. I’m waiting.

Specifically, I’m waiting for a call from Doug Westerman, fill-in host on KFAN shows and program director (or PD, as we call ‘em in the biz) of the new KTLK, the FM talk station, at 100.3 where “smooth jazz” used to be.

We have a handshake deal, but this is Clear Channel we’re talkin’ about. The world’s largest radio network. That’s like shaking hands with King Kong. You tend to feel a little lost in translation.

Don’t get me wrong—I’ve got a day job. This is not keeping me up nights. (My hours this evening can be attributed to the must-see performance of crooner Henry Allen at Jitters every first and last Tuesday of the month.)

But still, I’m sleeping on the edge of my mattress, waiting for the phone to ring with that special “I’m Doug Westerman, time for you to come in and record your intro” urgency that an up-and-coming talent might expect two weeks before the debut of her big shoo.

(Sigh.) So I ask you—do I call the guy, or do I wait for the guy to call me?

I’m waiting, dammit. Waiting for the jing-a-ling-a-ling of my cell phone (to which Doug has the number) that will signal the crescendo to the first of many Saturdays when Night & Day with Anne & Friends will be sent over 100,000 watts of FM signal to your stereo (or PC, for you streamers), enlightening you about opportunities galore to be a more interesting person because you’ve done more interesting things!

Now I am tempted to wax eloquent about all of the topics that are waiting for you from 5pm to 7pm every Saturday, as you are getting ready for an evening—I would hope—out on the town, but I am going to hold my tongue until it is loosed officially by the PD.

To see who else is waiting, click here.

Until then, please make sure you have a button set to 100.3 in your car and on the stereo at home. Because on January 7th, King Kong willing, I’ll be talking with you!

Ciao but only for now…

Your Friend Anne

December 29, 2005 - 13:26
Anonymous says:

Great news … Anne is back on the air! Anne is the life of every party! She is engaging, witty and takes a sincere interest in what people have to say and what they appreciate about life … whether it is about the latest exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts or the moment’s most trendy hot spot in the Twin Cities. She may not know a lot about baseball, but she has many ideas how to make a day at the game a fun family adventure that extends well beyond the Metrodome. Don’t know what to wear to an evening with the Minnesota Orchestra? Anne has great suggestions … and she may even give you advice about when to clap during a classical performance and where to go out following that visit to Orchestra Hall!

Curious, witty and sincere. That’s Anne. I can’t wait to tune in!

January 3, 2006 - 12:51
TrueAngel1963 says:

I’m so glad Miss Anne is back on the radio! I had the honor of watching Anne work on Singles Party last year and I can tell you the joy in her voice is matched by her big beautiful smile from start to finish. I’ll be tuning in for my weekly shot of happiness without fail. Here’s some big gratitude for a beaming Anne Nicolai backed by lots and lots of watts!

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