Hot Spot alert!

By anne
February 19, 2007 - 23:20.

Returning home from vacation can be a downer, but not if your friends are waiting to join you for a romp through the new hot spots in town! Always ready with cab fare (no drinking-and-driving) and something cute to wear, girlfriend Jill was rarin’ to go Saturday night when I pulled out my “must see” list….

First we headed for Uptown, parked next to Bryant Lake Bowl, and walked one block eastward to Liola, the contemporary Italian lounge beside tapas restaurant La Bodega. We had our hopes up, and just to be Italian, we ordered espresso with a lemon twist—but we didn’t like the place. White plastic chairs and bright red sofas made us feel like we were sitting in a Target store. And the service left much to be desired. After one jolt of lukewarm espresso, we were outta there.

Backtracking west, a block past BL Bowl, we hustled into the heat of the spankin’ new Restaurant Miami….

Such fun! Neon-lit house phones on every table let you ring up the hottie across the room. What you say is up to you, but take your cues from the Miami Vice episodes playing on the flat screen TVs at the bar. Play a game of Pac Man or munch on calamari and salads, as Jill and I did, getting our orders in just as the kitchen closed at 10pm. The food was fresh, spicy and satisfying—just like our close-up with co-owners Robert and Greg!

Stoked for more, Jill and I paid our tab, applied fresh lipstick, and set out for Crave, the elegant new Edina eatery by brothers Kam and Keyvan Talebi of Bellanotte and View. It’s gorgeous! Stunning Sara Talebi floated over to greet us, summoning two glasses of Dynamite cabernet before we could say, “چه رستوران زیبائی!”

Scenesters (and Crave investors) Christopher Hopkins and Robert Lindquist of reVamp! salonspa were at their most devilish, the former being plied for makeup tips from Persian women whose faces must already cause ships to chart their courses for the Mediterranean, and the latter cuddling cozily with Jill and me at the chef’s table for pix.

Speaking of chefs, adorable Eli from Zelo heads up the Crave kitchen. At the sushi bar is Tony Lam, who can show me his unagi any time.

Thanks to Kam and Sara, as well as my hairstylist Sohela and her autobody-builder hubby Jay, for introducing us to Crave!

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