Mision de San José del Cabo Anuití

By anne
February 16, 2007 - 18:43.

Today, Padre (Father) Juvencio Gonzalez says the Mass in this cathedral founded by Jesuit priest Nicolas Tamaral in 1730. In 1734, Tamaral was tortured and killed by native people who did not appreciate the rules that Catholicism imposed, such as monogamy. The present building, reconstructed in 1940 after it was largely destroyed in the hurricane of 1918, preserves the original structure and some of its walls. Its façade features a mosaic depicting the martyrdom of the Father Tamaral. How can you tell this is a cathedral and not a church? It has two towers!

Address: Main Square, San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico. Services: daily 7pm Mon-Fri; 7:30pm Sat; 7am, 10am, 12noon 6pm and 7:30pm Sundays . English Mass every Sunday at 12noon.

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