Silent splendor on the Sea of Cortez

By anne
February 10, 2007 - 15:01.

I am vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico. Like every trip I take, this one is in part about art (the little Bohemian village of Todos Santos awaits) but is equally about relaxation. For me, relaxation most often means communing with nature—in the form of therapeutic massage (the human body being just as much a part of nature as are flora and fauna), or by digging my toes into hot sand and erasing all thought (replaced anyway by surf-borne sunlight, scent and sound).

Nature is the most perfect artwork. That sounds trite, I suppose. But this morning, I watched the slick black body of a killer whale breach the surface of the sea, and saw the spray shoot from the blowhole of another whale whose back arched up just for a fraction of a second, and I thought, This is what must inspire the arc of a paintbrush or the sinew of a sculpture. This animal that we can neither touch nor tame communicates its message anyway, and it is the artists (people specially attuned to their surroundings) who receive and interpret that message for the rest of us.

Having watched the whales at play from my balcony (silently splendid from my vantage point and no doubt delightfully noisy from theirs), I can hardly contain my exitement about visiting Todos Santos. As the nature of a place always influences the art created there, I expect the art made here on the Baja Peninsula to be joyful and also respectful of the vast and mysterious ocean that produces, on occasion, a glimpse of the glistening back of a whale to let us know we’re not alone, and to assure us that beauty exists beneath the surface of the roughest of things.

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