Art imitates...the artist!

By anne
October 29, 2006 - 11:24.

Seen at the Halloween party of friends Emily and Bix on Saturday: a couple in costume as Minneapolis painter and self-made objet d’art Scott Seekins (in black for fall and winter, and in white for spring and summer). Life may imitate art, and art may imitate life, but in the case of these clever costumes, art very convincingly imitates the artist!

Above, Mod Mama Em spanks Big Baby Bix. At left, Scott’s Halloween party clone. At right, Scott himself, in the Night & Day radio studio.

Of course, with all of that black and white going on, I felt rather conspicuous…. (Click “Read More” to see my significantly more colorful costume.)

Peacock-a-raoke, anyone? Get this party started…!

August 5, 2008 - 02:43
Anonymous says:

That costume is funny, but somehow sexy! :D

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