New mag, new club, great party!

By anne
August 27, 2006 - 18:01.

I’ve been to magazine launch parties before—New York Woman, Minnesota Ventures (may it rest in peace), and Minneapolis Woman and Women’s Business Minnesota (RIP on both counts), as well as a couple of parenting titles that I don’t recall at the moment—and usually I go home and read the magazine, or at least page through it at the party. But I forgot to grab my copy of METRO Magazine after Friday night’s launch party at Viságe. No matter—it was too dark to read in the club, and I’m still too wiped out from two all-night parties in a row to think about focusing on any printed page.

The METRO staff threw a smashing soirée. Having snagged VIP passes from friends at KSTP-TV, my girl-group shared a free bottle of bubbly (or was it two?) and it didn’t take us long to get happy!

We danced, mixed and mingled, and ran into beautiful boys, including Twin Cities “social czar” Jimmy May, sophisticated publisher Robert Foster, and jazz musician/recording artist/teacher/producer Walter Chancellor. The art community turned out in force as well, from veterans Aldo Moroni and Jon Oulman to ingenues like photographer Katie Gustafson (any relation to Gus?) and Aveda styler Michelle Fetsch (click here to meet Katie and Michelle).

For more photos from the evening, visit

The METRO Mag website describes the new pub as: “…a fresh resource for the affluent, urban Twin Citians who are passionate about the arts, culture, shopping, restaurants and regional attractions….” In other words, somewhere between City Pages and Minnesota Monthly, with similar content, perhaps, to MPLS.ST.PAUL. The press kit also says the METRO audience averages age 38 and makes over $100k.

There you have it. You’re in or you’re out, I guess, although magazine publishers always hype up the affluence and hipness of their audience. Personally, I read everything from Wallpaper to The Wall Street Journal and probably don’t qualify as an audience member for any of them. They know that. Their reader demographics are aspirational.

I wonder if the publishers of METRO understand that when the clubs are closed, when it’s 2 a.m. and tummies are rumbling, we who stay late go to joints like Uptown Diner. It may not be hipsters’ paradise, but it’s definitely better than Perkins. And I’m here to tell you, my 4 a.m. Cajun burger was goooooood!

By the way, I said I’d been out all night two nights in a row…last night (Saturday) was Michael Bartus and Carolyn Herfurth’s annual Dusk to Dawn All-Night Movie Party at Carolyn’s house. Such fun! Yes, I admit to dozing off during portions of Psycho and Office Space, but if you’d spent six hours at the State Fair, then had beer and sushi, then gobbled movie candy while snuggled in a blanket on a papasan, breathing the crisp, almost-autumn air, you’d be sleepy, too. Thanks to good friends who make my weekends so memorable!

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