No time to do "art stuff"? Nature helps out in a pinch.

By anne
August 6, 2006 - 02:05.

So many people say they’d see more art if they had time. My suggestion is to carve out 20 percent of the time you would normally spend watching TV and get out to a museum or a play or a gallery. But there’s an even quicker and easier way to put some art into your life: go outside. And take your camera.

I’m not a professional photographer but I like taking pictures, and I don’t care if it’s art to someone else. The activity of seeing a photo and then capturing it feels artistic and it helps me to appreciate fine art—if only because I get a sense of how difficult it is to catch the light just right, or to make a dragonfly sit still.

All the rain in the last few days has brought my back yard to life. Tonight I aimed my pocket digital in the general direction of some eye-shine and voila! A crouching rabbit emerged as the subject of my shot.

At least once this summer, I hope you’ll turn off the TV and head outside with a camera. Find a subject (or several)…snap away…and in the exercise of seeing, you will have made your life a bit more artistic. Soon you’ll be seeking out photo exhibitions—and maybe mounting one of your own!

On now:

Diane Arbus Revelations, Walker Art Center, through Sept. 10.

Choreographic: Images of Movement at Minnesota Center for Photography, through Aug. 13. Coming Aug. 19-Oct. 8, Downriver: New Orleans Before the Flood.

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