See-and-be-seenery leads to meetup with author Alexs Pate

By anne
June 10, 2006 - 22:55.

I have mentioned before that I’m a member of a Ladies’ Dining Club that meets for dining and debauchery at a different see-and-be-seen spot every month. In May it was 20.21, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant at the tippy-top of Walker Art Center’s stainless steel cube-a-zoid. Guess who we seen? I mean saw! (We were all a bit flustered.) Alexs Pate, who wrote novels that several among our group count as their favorites! (Among them, Amistad, Finding Makeba, and most recently Losing Absalom…sound familiar?)

Mr. Pate was quite patient when, after dessert, we stopped whispering, giggling and gesturing in his direction and invited him into our midst for a photo. He…er…I mean, the whole evening, from the food to the fumbling around for a camera with working batteries…was delicious! Hint: Get the butterfish. No one but 20.21 serves it!

As for the see-and-be-seenability of our previous haunts, check it out:

  • Month #1: La Belle Vie. One of the Twin Cities’ most elegant rooms, it is definitely the place to see and be seen, especially when the maitre d’ parades 10 fabulous women through the dining room to places of honor by the statuary. That always seems to attract at least a few wistful glances from men on the outbound leg of the relationship journey with the dates who are seated across from them.
  • Month #2: View Restaurant and Lounge at Calhoun Beach Club. A place for see-and-be-seensters not only by virtue of its name (View, get it?), but also because it was brand spankin’ new and packed end-to-end with the bold and the beautiful.

  • Month #3: Corner Table. A little neighborhood diner, yes, and not much of a crowd on the night that we took over the place, but one whole wall is a mirror, and we sat right next to it—double the pleasure, double the fun! If that’s not a see-and-be-seen experience, I don’t know what is.

    Next up, we’ll be enlivening the patio at one of St. Paul’s premier see-and-be-seenspots, especially in summertime: W. A. Frost.

    Note to All Good Men: Most of the 12 to 18 women who show up for these little soirées are single, age 30 to 40-something, and looking. For whom are we looking? “List men,” of course. And if you aren’t sure you can be one of those, back off, buster! Or go out and buy yourself a copy of The List, now being studied and adhered to by the woman of your dreams. Just do everything right (i.e. be yourself), be sincere about it, and we’re…I mean, she’s…yours!

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