Greetings from the delivery and baby both are doing fine...

By anne
January 22, 2006 - 01:37.

Wow, I’d forgotten what it’s like to give birth! All that labor and then, bloop! The baby’s out and screaming. That’s what it felt like to finally get on the air today. And now I’m on that high you get when the baby falls asleep and you think, “I did it!”

But of course the birth is just the beginning. Then you’ve got to feed, clothe and nourish the new offspring until it takes on a life of its own. For tonight, though, mom and baby are resting and we’re both doing fine.

Many thanks to funsters Gail Weber, publisher of Exploring T.O.S.C.A., and Kathy Berdan, arts and entertainment team lead at the Pioneer Press, for their midwifery today. I wish we’d had four hours instead of two.

Gratitude also to my producer, Dave Harrigan, who played excellent music, from The Cars to U2, and even Boy George, just to humor me. At 21, I’m sure he’s accustomed to being embarrassed by us mom-types. He liked my reference to Cash Only night at The Cabooze, though. I saw fists in the air on that one.

Serendipitous meetings in the hallways of Dear Channel pre-show included Lauren MacLeash, program director for Cities 97, and Rob Pendleton, producer for Brian Lambert & Sarah Janecek, whom I haven’t seen since his WCCO days.

After the show, Dan Conry stopped into the studio to gab with me and my guests, and what a class act. He even took me out for dinner in St. Paul, the town to which he has returned like the prodigal son after three years in Florida. Those ribs at The Lexington are finger-lickin’ gooooood (as are the Ketel One martinis with blue cheese-stuffed olives). If you haven’t heard Dan’s show yet, be sure to listen weeknights 7-10pm. You’ll know him by the Brooklyn accent, which somehow adds to the feeling that he’s being really candid with you. (Which he is.)

After dinner, I headed east on Grand Avenue to Kellogg and Market Street, to the opening of Only Human: Exploring Contemporary Portraits at the Minnesota Museum of American Art (MMAA). I love shows that feature multiple artists; they tend to attract a diverse crowd, which makes for a more cosmopolitan experience. Indeed, I met Jay Wittenberg, whose portraits of women in literature made me want to reread Little Women; Ernest Arthur Bryant III, who lent some of his earlier work to the show including a mesmerizing airbrush and graffiti homage to Mike Tyson; and Ben Olson, whose larger-than-life portraits of himself and girlfriend Emma made me linger.

There was much more to see, including some fascinating video installations. Many of these artists, even the ones with long resumes, take on other jobs to support their creativity habit. Ben’s is at the Guthrie.

Heading back along Kellogg to 35E, I was treated to a night sky postcard view of the majestically lit Cathedral up the hill to my left, with The Liffey sloping down 7th Street in the foreground, and our State Capitol to my right, and I had to smile. I’d just been where faith and politics so often converge—in the midst of artists and their art.

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