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Just finished this week’s show and am planning tonight’s ultra-casual wardrobe for the Theatre Unbound 24-Hour Play Project at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, followed by Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Goodman’s birthday party, a fly-by at Jitters Cafe and Martini Bar, where friends-of-friends are gathering, and finally the Funky Beat party at sculptor and eventioneer Brant Kingman’s northeast Minneapolis studio, featuring live music by Chill 7 and, at midnight, aerialist Risa Cohen, whom I saw on New Year’s Eve and can’t wait to see again.

I want to thank everyone who called the show today, especially those of you who called from the St. Paul Winter Carnival after the Grande Day Parade. We heard from the Royalty, the Klondike Kates, the Ice Sculpture event, the Snow Sculpture event, and the Vulcan Krewe. We did not hear from Mayor Chris Coleman, however, and I am a bit disappointed about that. I figure he must be a bit overwhelmed with the sheer fun of it all, given that this is his first Winter Carnival in elected office.

Also had great conversations with Theresa Downing of the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul, Delta Giordano of Theatre Unbound, and Eve Blackwell and “Marilyn Munroe” from the Wild Yam Cabaret, coming up Feb. 4 at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Room on West 7th Street.

Thanks to Mary calling in to report on the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church Singles event that I co-hosted last night with Pastor Carrie Scheller, who put together a fun and informative evening at the Bloomington Art Center. They have the right idea—don’t just go to a bar (although we did that, too, afterward). Party in the art, people!!! To see more event photos, click here.

Okay, gotta go. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Gung hay fat choy! That’s a Chinese Happy New Year!

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