So Sushi Me!

By anne
December 29, 2005 - 00:34.

Wednesday night, and I am happy to report that a good day was had by all. Well, by me, in any case, because I got THE CALL!

“P. Dougie” has spoken and if he doesn’t fire me for calling him that (which I do out of love and respect, don’cha know), I will be starting my new radio show at 5pm Saturday, January 7.

To celebrate—and because I promised—I took my son Jonathan and his girlfriend Nicole out for sushi at Tom Pham’s new Anemoni.

One Azia Roll and several servings of Shiromaguro (albacore tuna, or escolar) later, I am fat and happy and just a little sleepy due to the lovely Nigori (“Dreamy Clouds”) sake I sampled, followed by a chaser of Tsing Tao. And that was before the green tea and coconut ice cream.

(This is why we have children. So they can grow up and get their drivers licenses and then transport us safely home when we are sated.)

Yes, all is well on the cul-de-sac and so I’m hitting the hay even as the kids are in the kitchen rummaging around for aprés sushi noshies. How can they still be hungry after $120 worth of sea creatures and rice? I am hiding my purse in case they get a yen for pizza delivery.

One last thing: Please mark your calendars for the Night & Day with Anne & Friends launch party right after the inaugural show at Bacio! I wouldn’t want to sip one more martini without you. Besides, I’m going to need someone to drive me home.

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