Happy Valentine's Day!

By anne
February 11, 2006 - 20:11.

I hope you had as much fun listening to the show today as I did hosting it! Thanks to all of my guests: Jennifer Jeanne Patterson, author of 52 Fights (thanks also to Dan at Continental Diamond for taking our picture next to all that gorgeous bling!), filmmaker/foodie Craig Sinard, and movie maven Linda Thomas.

Great callers today, too, from Brit (an actual Brit…a Liverpuddlian even!) in Litchfield, who’s been married five times and counting (she swears it’s her good humor and Estée perfume that seduces them), to Teresa who will be going to bed early rather than crying into a birdbath martini like she did last Valentine’s Day, and Bruce and Maurice who weighed in on what it takes to find and keep a mate. Congrats to Bruce on 25 years of matrimony! Most of all thanks to Terry who doesn’t want me to go dateless Tuesday night—what a sweetie (and a brave soul for calling and admitting that he is dateless too!).

Now, check out my “Heard on the show” listings in the FIND IT section of this website and get out and celebrate Valentine’s Day or UN-Valentine’s Day, as you see fit! Have a wonderful week!

X O X O,


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