I (Heart) Hennepin & Lake

What a magical night, for a Tuesday!

If you heard the show on Saturday, you know that I was planning to indulge in some live music tonight (Valentine’s Day), date or no date. When listener Terry came through with an offer to escort me, I decided to take him up on it. The show started at 7:00. Thanks to Google and to studio producer Ann Cole for the screening techniques to ensure that I wouldn’t be ditching a wacko at 7:15.

Terry was, in fact, delightful company and the perfect gentleman. Of course, one couldn’t help behaving respectfully in the soulful presence of Thomasina Petrus, T. Mychael Rambo and Ray Covington, not to mention Thomasina’s mother-in-law’s dangerously delicious chocolate cake, served as we were seated.

This was the second annual production of “Hot Chocolate” on Valentine’s Day, and it’s worth the price of admission just to hear Thomasina’s sultry closing number, My Funny Valentine in the style of Billie Holiday. And the Suburban World Theatre, with its starry sky, clouds in motion and candle-lit tables was the perfect romantic venue.

After snapping the requisite fan pix, we stepped from the warmth into the winter and debated where to find a little protein. What’s so great about Hennepin & Lake is all the choices: Chang Mai Thai and Chino Latino; Lucia’s, Campiello and Figlio; Famous Dave’s and Bar Abilene; Shelly’s Fish Café and Passage to India, all within a couple of blocks. Finally we decided to sink our chattering teeth into buttery slices of bonito, salmon, shiro maguro and unagi at Sushi Tango in Calhoun Square. Mmm! The only thing more inviting than one more sip of sake right now is…my pillow.

Terry, thanks again for sharing your evening with me, and keep listening to 100.3 KTLK!

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