Vote for my pix on CelebSafari...and post your own!

By anne
March 1, 2006 - 23:34.

Hey, kids! I just discovered a website called where you can post photos of yourself with celebrities. It’s fun!

Having been “PR person to the stars” on behalf of Target Corporation for several years, I don’t get as starstruck as some folks when I encounter a celebrity, but I still like having my picture taken with ‘em! To wit: right now on, you can view pix of me with Mo Rocca, star of The Daily Show and Court TV (and of course author of All the Presidents’ Pets) and mischievous Gary Baseman, the world-famous artist whose illustrations you know from the board game Cranium. The more times a photo is viewed, the higher it is in the rankings, and because I have competition in my genes, I want to end up on top! So please view me and vote for me!

Next I’ll have to delve into my past and dig up those pre-digital* celebrity photos of me with recording artists Amy Grant and Clint Black (mmm, mmm, MMM, short but CUTE!), entertainer Shari Lewis, TV/movie star Brooke Shields, actor/singer Davey Jones of The Monkees fame, former U.S. Senators Bob Dole, Dave Durenberger and Rudy Boschwitz, and assorted other Senators and Congressmen from my intern days on Capitol Hill, actor/producer/director Rob Reiner, and former First Lady Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton from the White House Conference on Child Care that I helped to coordinate in 1997.

I could drop more names, I suppose, but I would rather you go to the website and vote for me! The Oscars are coming up and I want to win Best Picture!

*Whoever remembers black-and-white 126 cartridges and flashcubes, raise your hand!

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