Hosting a party? Choose an art space!

By anne
February 10, 2008 - 14:44.

People often ask me for suggestions as to party venues. Not that I host many parties…but I’m pretty good at finding them! And some of my very favorite soirées tend to happen at spaces normally dedicated to the arts, including museums, art and photography galleries, theaters, sculpture gardens, pottery studios, college art department classrooms, and places like The Loft Literary Center, where you can rent space for so little, you might feel like donating extra.

Topping my list for the year so far is Karl Reichert’s birthday party Saturday night at the Capri Theater in North Minnepolis. Transformed into Studio 44 by Karl’s partner Reynaldo Diaz, an artist and DJ, and friend Edgar Nieto, the place thundered with ’70s music and shimmered with disco balls and sequin-attired dancers.

Having scored a polyester dress, white boots and hoop earrings at Tatters, I was ready to boogie-oogi-oogie to the retro-spins of DJ Rey. In attendance were friends from stage, screen, city govenment and corporate boardroom, including Chris (“Elvis”) Wurtz of Wells Fargo and leather-wrapped jazz singer/actor Dennis Spears. Even Minnneapolis City Council member Lisa Goodman’s golden doodle Sadie made an appearance as a “disco…disco dog.” Aaaah, freak out!

Next time you are hosting a party or company meeting and you want it to be unique and memorable, seek out an art space. Just think about your favorite places to see theater or dance, take art classes, or wander art-filled halls and pathways, and call ‘em up. That’s what I do, and you’d be surprised at the places you can party in this town!

If you have an art space, let us know by posting your comments below.

February 11, 2008 - 09:57
Edgar says:

Hi Anne
I totally love your site, I had a great time, You looked fabulous with that outfit.

Btw I called you “Carrie” when i saw you Not because I didnt know your name, but just because you kind of look like Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC hehe

February 11, 2008 - 12:03
Ryan says:

Had a great time!

Thanks for the heads up — I enjoyed myself. It really was quite an awesome place for a party. Kudos to Reynaldo on an excellent decor.

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