No time to do "art stuff"? Nature helps out in a pinch.

So many people say they’d see more art if they had time. My suggestion is to carve out 20 percent of the time you would normally spend watching TV and get out to a museum or a play or a gallery. But there’s an even quicker and easier way to put some art into your life: go outside. And take your camera.

I’m not a professional photographer but I like taking pictures, and I don’t care if it’s art to someone else. The activity of seeing a photo and then capturing it feels artistic and it helps me to appreciate fine art—if only because I get a sense of how difficult it is to catch the light just right, or to make a dragonfly sit still.  read more »

There's a gal goin' 'round droppin' names...

A former friend once sneered that I’m a name-dropper. (Like that’s a bad thing.) I’d forgotten all about it until Melissa Cohen, PR über-maven to many a celebrity, sent a photo of herself with recent Twin Cities visitor Katie Couric. That’s not name-dropping. That’s sharing. I couldn’t help feeling as if I’d hung out with Katie myself!  read more »

It was a dark and stormy night...

So goes the joke about the start of the great American novel. But to tell you the truth, it is quite dark outside of my hotel here in Albuquerque, and “stormy” doesn’t capture the fierceness and proximity of lightning that is punishing the skies over the Sandia Range.

I’m en route home from the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference, where discussions of plot, character, setting and structure should have prepared me to translate New Mexico’s sudden squalls and sagebrush into piquant prose, but I am at a loss for words.

I keep trying to photograph the lightning bolts, but sometimes in looking through the lens of a camera, you miss the whole experience. So you will just have to imagine the sensation of brilliant blue-white scars ripping the blackness into quadrants like a giant dagger slashing out the Tigris and Euphrates to define the map of Mesopotamia. (Oh, never mind, here’s a picture.)  read more »

See-and-be-seenery leads to meetup with author Alexs Pate

I have mentioned before that I’m a member of a Ladies’ Dining Club that meets for dining and debauchery at a different see-and-be-seen spot every month. In May it was 20.21, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant at the tippy-top of Walker Art Center’s stainless steel cube-a-zoid. Guess who we seen? I mean saw! (We were all a bit flustered.) Alexs Pate, who wrote novels that several among our group count as their favorites! (Among them, Amistad, Finding Makeba, and most recently Losing Absalom…sound familiar?)

Mr. Pate was quite patient when, after dessert, we stopped whispering, giggling and gesturing in his direction and invited him into our midst for a photo. He…er…I mean, the whole evening, from the food to the fumbling around for a camera with working batteries…was delicious! Hint: Get the butterfish. No one but 20.21 serves it!  read more »

Eat, drink and be caring.

On Sunday night, I attended a benefit for Second Harvest Heartland at Napa Valley Grille, hosted by The Rake to usher in Twin Cities Restaurant Week. As a first course, they handed out plain rice to most of the crowd, while a few got rice with beans, and fewer still were presented with a lovely gourmet salad of fancy tomatoes and basil. The point was to demonstrate how food is apportioned in the world, and to make us think about how much we take for granted.

You can help needy families right here at home by eating out during Twin Cities Restaurant Week, June 5-11. Here is a list of participating restaurants. You will feel satisfied in more ways than one.

You Are What You Art

My friend Karl took some pictures of me at Art-A-Whirl this weekend and what I’ve noticed is how HAPPY I look in all of them! Whenever I’m surrounded by that kaleidoscope of media and messages, I’m literally in heaven. The proverbial kid in a candy store has nothing on me (besides which, my purchases don’t end up spoiling my supper).

This year’s “whirl” landed smack in the midst of several social engagements, and my time was limited to four hours in the Northrup King Building. That’s too bad—there is so much more to see. I especially had wanted to visit Ellen Rindal’s Firebrick Gallery and Cafe at 1121 Jackson Street NE, a new venue for talented local artists to display their work, and where the purchasing public is lured by coffee and edibles. The good news is that most of the artists who belong to host organization Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association have websites where you can view their work, and will welcome you into their studios during set hours or by appointment.  read more »

I believe I can fly...

Ixtapa, Mexico. Monday, April 3. Carlos & Charlie’s (one in a chain of tourist bars). I am there to get suited up for my first jump from a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet.

I sign a 10-page form on which I state my understanding of the dangers: airsickness, unconsciousness, bodily injury, mutilation, death. I check each box “si” (yes, I get it…they will no longer sell me life insurance).

I meet Wade, a sturdy native of Brisbane, Australia, who will jump tandem with me, and his girlfriend Helen, who is of Mexican/Middle Eastern heritage, and who takes my money: $225 for the jump and an additional $115 for an edited video and photos.

Wade has me step into the harness, which is cinched tight and feels like a diaper. I walk with my legs slightly apart, so it won’t chafe my inner thighs. I should have worn longer shorts. “When we exit the plane,” he says, “you’re going to arc your body. Tilt back your head and bring your legs up to the shape of a banana.” We rehearse.  read more »

Show's over (for now)

Wow, I made it seven weeks on KTLK! But as of last Saturday, th-th-th-that’s all, folks. At least for now. Clear Channel’s budgetary axe has swung and I was a part of the log they just couldn’t send sap through any more. (I must admit, I’m expensive…but I’m worth it. Single, well-to-do 40-something men, take note.)

Program director Doug Westerman couldn’t have been kinder about giving me the news. Clearly as pained to say goodbye to me as I was to him, he said he thought the show was going well, but that he had no choice because “ANNE’S SHOW” stuck out like a leafy limb on a wintery tree when CC account-o-bots went scanning the books. In fact, he’s writing me a letter to the effect that we “did radio right” on Night & Day, for which I’m thankful.

Look for me to spring up again soon, either online or on the air, if I can find a new radio home. We have not yet begun to scratch the surface of the Twin Cities art scene.

I may simply blog-it for a bit while I figure out the next iteration of the show, so don’t be surprised to hear from me. And I’ll keep the website up to date with fun events for you to attend.

Thank you for listening, and if you haven’t already…start SEEing art!

Remembering Gus Gustafson and women Vietnam veterans

Because I’m going to DIVA NOIR after the show, I am putting a few of today’s topics online now in case you want to find them right away. (More later in FIND IT.) Today I’ll be talking with artists Scott Seekins and Aldo Moroni about the life and legacy of photographer and “Warehouse District Mayor” Gus Gustafson, who died in 2003. In the second hour of the program, I’ll talk with Maggie Bearman Pistner, director of the play A Piece of My Heart about women’s experience in Vietnam. See the play now through March 18 at the Playwrights’ Center (presented by Theatre Unbound).

I'll be announcing the celebrity models at DIVA NOIR!

DIVA NOIR is the high energy, fashion and entertainment event of the Twin Cities social season, and yours truly will be there with bells on! (Well, with sequins on, at least.) Inspired by Film Noir, a genre of dark and sultry film, DIVA NOIR will celebrate the iconic Femme Fatale by honoring 12 powerful, socially aware women (ages 20-60) from our community who show up strong, sexy, exciting, independent, unrepentant and with no intention of reaching the tragic ending!

I’ll be announcing these spectacular women and their costume designers as they arrive at the VIP Reception at 6 p.m.

The annual DIVA event has raised more than $2.5 million for HIV/AIDS services in our community. For tickets, call UptownTix at 651-209-6799 or click here. Ticket prices range from $35 (advance non-dining Big Show and Late Night Party ticket) to $150 per seat at a Patron Table with Diva-licious Cocktails, Dinner, Live Auction, Big Show and Late Night Party. See you at DIVA NOIR!

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