"Get Your Kicks...In 2006!"

Extra “Happy New Year” points for recognizing the tune paraphrased in that headline!

I hope the year 2006 is off to a great start for you. I had a great time party-hopping, and started my New Year’s Day with a healthy antioxidant breakfast of blueberries and yogurt, thanks to the doggie bag sent home with me by hostess-with-the-mostest Barb Brin, at whose house my friend Karl and I rang in the new year.

The Southern Theater event was remarkable, too, and not just because of the food. Check out the entertainment lineup:  read more »

An Artful New Year's Eve

Friday night, and I’m feeling guilty. I should be at the Dakota right now for The New Standards with Chan Poling and to greet his lovely bride Eleanor Mondale, whom I met in Bikram yoga class. Instead I am resting up for New Year’s Eve. My friend Karl and I will be doing our traditional party-hop, and this year we’ll spend most of the evening on stage at the Southern Theater, basking in the glow of mood-enhancing stage lighting as we nosh and sip and socialize. You can come, too!

The party is organized by Artists Unlimited and features appetizers, beverages, a dance DJ, and a sexy cabaret! Starts at 8:00 p.m. and goes ‘til 2:00 a.m. $25 off for Night & Day fans! Tickets are normally $75 but you pay only $50 when you tell ‘em Anne Nicolai sent you! Just call 612-341-2023 and leave your name and credit card number. Be sure to mention my name and the number of tickets you want. Happy New Year!  read more »

So Sushi Me!

Wednesday night, and I am happy to report that a good day was had by all. Well, by me, in any case, because I got THE CALL!

“P. Dougie” has spoken and if he doesn’t fire me for calling him that (which I do out of love and respect, don’cha know), I will be starting my new radio show at 5pm Saturday, January 7.

To celebrate—and because I promised—I took my son Jonathan and his girlfriend Nicole out for sushi at Tom Pham’s new Anemoni.  read more »

Shaking hands with King Kong

Okay, so it’s midnight on Tuesday, December 27, and I’m climbing the walls (which isn’t hard, since I live in a split-level home in suburbia, the ceilings of which are not that high) and I don’t know for sure if I am starting a new show in two weeks.

New Year’s Eve is a Saturday night (how perfect is THAT?) and then on January 7th I’m supposedly behind a mic at Clear Channel studios in St. Louis Park, funnin’ up your Saturday happy hour with chat about “what’s there to do around here?” Supposedly. I’m waiting.

Specifically, I’m waiting for a call from Doug Westerman, fill-in host on KFAN shows and program director (or PD, as we call ‘em in the biz) of the new KTLK, the FM talk station, at 100.3 where “smooth jazz” used to be.  read more »

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