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Art is not the side dish; it's the meal

Years ago I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house. She’s a strict vegetarian who doesn’t drink alcohol and runs several miles a day….

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Coffee: Grounds for Lasting Friendship

I can honestly say that, with one notable exception, I am on friendly terms with every one of a fairly impressive list of former “significant others,” and I think I know why. It’s that they all share my affinity for coffee….

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Stop the bleepin' beepin'!

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a wave of violence coming on when they hear “the sound of the beep”?

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Finishing Touches

Manicured nails are such a curiosity. Point at someone with a stubby, unmanicured nail, and you might as well be shooting blanks; a hardened arc of Fire Engine Red pierces the soul….

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Transfigured Night

by Matt Peiken, former Pioneer Press staff writer and author of Positive MEinforcement: Shout ‘Me First!’ and Make Every Day All About YOU!

“There’s death in every opera, and if there isn’t, there should be—preferably before the opera is written.”

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Art as Ritual

by Jesse Wolf Hardin, a contemporary spiritual teacher, environmental educator and storyteller living in New Mexico.
This story appeared in The Edge Newspaper September 2001.

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Nye's Polonaise: The Best Bar in America (Esquire, October 2006)

by Chris Jones in Esquire, October 2006.
The best bar in America isn’t Irish. It isn’t in a strip mall. It isn’t the sort of place that charges an outrageous cover for people to stand around in black light pushing back shooters out of test tubes…it has a sign on its yellow-brick exterior that points the way to Our Lady of Lourdes, cast in the red-neon glow of another that reads LIQUORS…. The best bar in America is Nye’s Polonaise….

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Minneapolis Modern

by Rick Nelson, columnist for the Star Tribune.
This story appeared in the June 2006 issue of Food & Wine. Includes top 5 restaurant and hotel “hotlists.”
There’s more to Minnesota than extreme weather conditions and Prairie Home Companion. Suddenly, Minneapolis is the most exciting architectural hub in America, with brand-new buildings by the likes of Jean Nouvel and Cesar Pelli— and world-class restaurants to go with them.

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The Ivey Award Essays

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