Chef Nate Lane serves up lovin' spoonfuls at People Serving People

Above: Kevyn Burger, Jim Minor, Nate Lane

For those of us who step out of heated cars, hustle into cozy homes, and sit down to hot meals every evening, it’s hard to imagine the life of a mom with three kids under age five who shows up exhausted and homeless at People Serving People, hoping for a night of rest and sustenance for her family. That costs money—which many of us would give, if it were top of mind, but PSP is one of those places in the drive-by zone. That’s why the downtown Minneapolis nonprofit is hosting Chefs for Change, a series of dinners and cooking demonstrations that bring potential donors to PSP’s residential high-rise at 614 South Third Street.  read more »

"Get Your Kicks...In 2006!"

Extra “Happy New Year” points for recognizing the tune paraphrased in that headline!

I hope the year 2006 is off to a great start for you. I had a great time party-hopping, and started my New Year’s Day with a healthy antioxidant breakfast of blueberries and yogurt, thanks to the doggie bag sent home with me by hostess-with-the-mostest Barb Brin, at whose house my friend Karl and I rang in the new year.

The Southern Theater event was remarkable, too, and not just because of the food. Check out the entertainment lineup:  read more »

So Sushi Me!

Wednesday night, and I am happy to report that a good day was had by all. Well, by me, in any case, because I got THE CALL!

“P. Dougie” has spoken and if he doesn’t fire me for calling him that (which I do out of love and respect, don’cha know), I will be starting my new radio show at 5pm Saturday, January 7.

To celebrate—and because I promised—I took my son Jonathan and his girlfriend Nicole out for sushi at Tom Pham’s new Anemoni.  read more »

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