Bush Foundation Awards help to sustain, enliven Twin Cities arts community

Janel Jacobson, Dragon Fly ~ Lotus Pod

People who make art don’t get salaries. Very few people, relatively speaking, buy much art. Yet as a community, we want painters to keep on painting, writers to keep on writing, dancers to keep on dancing, film makers to keep on making films, and sculptors to keep on forming objects out of clay and wood and metal.

Thankfully, for 32 years, the Bush Foundation has been selecting up to 15 artists annually from Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to receive a chunk of money that enables them to continue their work instead of spending all day saying, “You want fries with that?”  read more »

  • 4/5: OLD NEWS 4 opens @ Midway Contemporary Art

    Saturday, April 5, 2008


    Midway Contemporary Art, 527 2nd Ave SE, Minneapolis

  • By this time next week I'll be on the air!


    If you’re checking in to see when the show starts, relax—it’s not until next Saturday the 14th (update: 21st), as the station is still juggling producers. (Rather amazing to watch, epecially when they light ‘em on fire.)

    Great crowd Thursday night at Marysburg. So much fun to see y’all and sing some tunes again after a month-long hiatus for the holidays. Of course now there’s one more reason to hang out at Washington & 3rd on Thursday nights, in addition to J. D. Hoyt’s, the Monte and the Burg—it’s The R Factor at the new Trocadero’s, just up the street. My heart is still racing a full day and a half after hotboy Emil Campbell (red suit, at right) brought that portable mic all the way into the dining room and sang to me. (Hear it? Thumpity-thump thump!) Jimmy May, I hope that photo you took turns out.  read more »

    An Artful New Year's Eve

    Friday night, and I’m feeling guilty. I should be at the Dakota right now for The New Standards with Chan Poling and to greet his lovely bride Eleanor Mondale, whom I met in Bikram yoga class. Instead I am resting up for New Year’s Eve. My friend Karl and I will be doing our traditional party-hop, and this year we’ll spend most of the evening on stage at the Southern Theater, basking in the glow of mood-enhancing stage lighting as we nosh and sip and socialize. You can come, too!

    The party is organized by Artists Unlimited and features appetizers, beverages, a dance DJ, and a sexy cabaret! Starts at 8:00 p.m. and goes ‘til 2:00 a.m. $25 off for Night & Day fans! Tickets are normally $75 but you pay only $50 when you tell ‘em Anne Nicolai sent you! Just call 612-341-2023 and leave your name and credit card number. Be sure to mention my name and the number of tickets you want. Happy New Year!  read more »

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